Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's confirmed! Dow has stood above 13000, heading into next box top!

Dear Friends,

After a seven day winning streak, Dow Jones has successfully stood above 13000 points. But where is the next top now? Let me do a study and keep everyone posted.

These 2 days, I am enjoying my weekend at Malaysia after bit of a windfall...ha. This should be the life of a trader, FANTASTIC!

Apple met its resistance at $600 exactly. This stock just flew to the sky this week. I happily pocketed USD $17000 in 5 straight days, after I let go when the stock is at $595, near its highest!!  Remember I ask everyone to enter when it is at $540??? This is pure product launch play at its best! Trading is easy if you know the ways!

I knew that there be some consolidation at $600. This is what I called Law of Gravity of Price. I would do a post mortem analysis for everyone about my views on Apple.


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