Tuesday, 20 March 2012

US Stock Tip: Apple is back with First Dividends in Long long time!

Dear Friends,

Coincidentally, today afternoon I told a friend I waiting for Apple to announce dividend. This stock will rise if it does that. And tonight we have it. It increased by $10, now price is at $596.

It has a good chance of breaking $600 towards ex-dividend date, barring any downturn in the market. Apple didn't die as I told everybody yesterday.

Pls take a look at my article:


In fact I also suggested everyone to take note of Apple after it breaks $590, right? Now it is at $596.

Now it has a good chance it might break $600, though at the open it gaps up to $600 before turning down. Once it broke, $620 becomes my next target. But exercise caution from now onwards with good money management!

Remember making money isn't tough if you know the ways!



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