Friday, 2 March 2012

US Stock Tip: Goldman Sachs may be in play again if it breaks $120

Dear Friends,

I have to admit I am again right in predicting this stock! I recommend this stock when it was $110. After the breakout and the good earnings, it went to $120, which I asked everybody to sell first! I mentioned it was a good target. Check out my call on this stock below...

It again went exactly as predicted. It stopped at $120 for the month of February. That is the resistance. Now it is at $119.60. I felt that there might be a chance for this stock to break $120 again. 

Just watch out for this stock. Once it broke out of $120.30, it may start its climb! Watch it Now!

For Options Graduate, you may play a Straight Call or a Bull Put Spread below $110. Check the ROI first.



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