Thursday, 29 March 2012

US Stock Tip: Google and Apple might move up if today Jobless Claims is good

Dear Friends,

Today our focus will be on the US Jobless Claims report. Like what I mentioned in the last article, I have been hunting for opportunities after the drop yesterday. I particularly like to hunt for strong stocks resilient to drop in a down day.

Guess who I found?

Apple and Google. Yeah I entered yesterday. Google is on its way to $670 after clearing the $650 hurdle while Apple needs to clear its hurdle at $625 before marching on to $647. If today is good, my next step would be to put my stop loss at breakeven point, and let the stocks RUN... Barring any bad economical reports, it should.

Btw, April 11 marks the start of US earnings season for all US Stocks. Alcoa will be annoucing on that day. Within the next one month, all US stocks will start to pour in their earnings results.

And that means one thing, there will be one hell of a Run-up for some stocks before earnings. Options Graduates, time to load our weapons! Let us Pick some MONEY!!! Apple and Google are 2 of them.


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