Tuesday, 23 October 2012

5 Singapore stocks might be worth taking a look now (23 Oct 2012)

1) Ezion - Targeted price 1.47-1.50. An upside target of 7 cts from now. Not much. When it reach into 1.47 territory, would take a look to see if professional money is leaving the stock.

2) Ausgroup - Targeted price of 0.58, the peak reached last time. Have to see if it can break thru then.

3) First Resources - Targeted price of 2.17 - 2.20. An upside target of 17 cts more.

4) Yoma - Targeted price of 0.67-0.70. An upside target of 10 cents from now.

5) China Minzhong - Targeted price of 0.95. An upside target of 10 cents from now.


Dear Friends,

We solely based our analysis on Technical Analysis. Please note of any earnings announcemnt coming up for any stocks here. Earnings announcement is something that I always avoid in short term or mid term trading as your stock may gap down upon the poor results. Please check with your brokers when the dates are. Do your own homework too and exercise your stop loss!


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