Tuesday 23 October 2012

A recap of the 8 Singapore Stocks we covered on 3 Oct 2012

Dear Friends,

Attached is the article that we covered on the 8 stocks on 3 Oct 2012. Let us see how they performed till now:


Below words in red are our latest comment, in black are the remarks made on 3 Oct:

1) Ezra - this stock seems to be on accumulation mode, taking a rest after hitting the target 1.25, I would say this stock probably wont move down below 1.2, might at least run towards 1.30, looks good now judging from our Singapore ART system.

(Went from 1.23 to 1.175 now. What I did not see is the declare of bonus share... sorry I did not know how much they give, but if you take the bonus share, you may not have lost much.)

2) PEC - this stock does seems weak now, I would probably would not touch this stock as I could not know if professional money is still inside the stock. In a range between 70cts and 75cts now. I would not touch this stock unless it breaks out of 75cts with high vol.

(Went from 0.71 to 0.715 now. Dead as what we mentioned. Bingo! Still in a range of 70 - 75 cts. Although we mentioned it is weak then, 70cts is probably a strong base now. This stock is in my watchlist but not to take action yet.)

3) Ezion - Like Ezra, I think this stock is in accumulation mode by the professionals. But I need 2 more days to determine for sure. Judging by the performance of this stock these few days, I did not see any danger of professionals dumping the stock, which I suggest continue to hold. Unless market not good, this stock should continue its flight.

( This stock is one that we recommended strongly and continue to. Went from 1.33 to 1.405. Bingo! We think it still has strength to continue its flight! Tentative target price is 1.47-1.50)

4) Ausgroup - Before its run from 40 cts to 58 cents today, I told my students to accumulate the stock. Indeed it has run. Today, it seems to have finished its flight. DO not touch this stock NOW! Seems dead to me for now..

(Went from 0.535 to 0.52. Dead as what we have forecasted from then till now. Bingo! But we have spotted some activity ongoing for this stock now. Mid term (1-2 months) it is a recommended stock to accumulate now. 0.50 is the base support)

5) China Minzhong - A company that seems to take a good rest after hitting 80 cts, which I know is a resistance and Law of Gravity of Price. I have said that this is a mid term play (2-3 months) and I do not think the flight has ended. Might be ready for a 80cts break.

(Went from 0.78 to 0.85 now. Bingo! we got this stock right. Up by 7 cts now amid the volatile market recently. Our targeted price is still 0.95. Now we put the stop loss at our breakeven price)

6) First Resources - Does not look like it has the strength to run now... probably needs to go down to $2 and see if there is strong support. When market is bad, might break $2...

(Went from 2.05 to 2.03. Bingo! it even went to lowest price of 1.90 after a day I published the article.
Funnily, this stock seems to have reversed its fortune. In my receommended list now. Targetted price 2.20)

7) Hi-P - It follows exactly to what Law of Gravity to price formula. Normal that this stock needs to rest at $1.1 after breaking $1. If this stock is to continue its upward movement, it needs to go higher than its 1.02 price now. I would take a better look at this stock only at 1.07. Keep in watchlist now.

(Went from 1.025 to 0.78 now! A drop of 25 cts. We mentioned that we would only see this stock if it is above 1.07. It did not.... AVOID now until the drop stop.) 

8)  Yoma - The Doji today it has today does seem bad. Better to take profits first. Could still not conclude that today doji is a small pause or whether professional $ has run.

(Went from 0.57 to 0.575 now. Did not move much since the doji. Indeed after taking profits, you probably has not lost much upside run. But it has turned to become our recommended stock now. We anticipate it to break its high of 0.585 soon.)

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