Monday, 29 October 2012

BIG week for the US Economy

Dear Friends,

We have a host of economical reports that will reflect the status of the US economical health starting from Wednesday. Below is the list of reports coming up. Friday is the biggest of them all! The NON-Farm Payroll!

Last month, non farm payroll figure is on-par with expectations. How will it be this month? Do you believe in a conspiracy before the elections?!?! Let us find out...

Daniel Loh


·         美国联储局都不看好美国经济? 道琼斯昨晚闭市在 22412 点,涨了 41 点。 昨晚最大的新闻就是联储局的会议。联储局的主席耶伦讲了几样事情: 1)   第一: 联储局保持利率不变 , 但耶伦也表示今年还会加息一次。 这其实和原本的预测一样...