Thursday, 18 October 2012

IBM causing the DOW to be down 11 points now

Dear Friends,

IBM earnings disappoints today, pushing the DOW into negative territory. I heard from CNBC that if not for IBM, DOW probably would be up by 60 points. Well, it meant that market generally is good as the drop is mainly caused by IBM.

This is one stock that has run up a bit, $30 this quarter. Expectations is probably raised a bit high. This gives me a glimpse of what might happen on Thursday with Google. Will there be similar expectations on this big tech giant too?

If u have tech stock at hand, and u r a short term player, maybe the wise thing to do is to sell first.

Btw, coming back to the market, the market seems more confident now. However today STI seems to be weak still. I continue to believe that if you are a mid term player, try to spot any stocks and accumulate your position.

This quarter, we will still hit a new high.


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