Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Amazing Recovery today from DOW! Bullish run is back!!

Dear Friends,

2 days is all it needs for the DOW to be back! Yesterday DOW goes up 95 points. Today it goes up 120 points now. It is 100 points away from all time high.

Time to pick your weapons to go on a hunt again, guys! Needless to say, confidence is back. Today, I guess Dow should end near its high, which shows confidence again.

Ha, do you remember that last few weeks, Wallstreet is so concerned of all the negative earnings. Do you remember I told everyone not to worry about earnings and said that because of the negative expectations, DOW will be back! I have been through enough earnings to know that the negative expectations wont last throughout the earnings season. We just need to be patient to pounce! Today might be it!

Check out our last article:

Like what we have been preaching, we are bullish for the last quarter. I have no doubts whatsoever that Dow will break new high, just that I want to wait for confidence to be back before being bullish again.

Today is a show of confidence again! Yesterday near to a triple digit gain does its work. Pick your guns and shoot some stocks already! Be it Singapore, Malaysia or US stocks! Get in...

Good luck trading!!


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