Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Intraday Trading on US stock APPLE - US$2075 profit in 47 minutes!

Dear Friends,

This is what you can make in less than 30 minutes of trading from the US market. Trading is a journey and with a STRICT money management practice, you can make $ consistently!

Today Apple has some good news coming bcos of its new product release of its ipad mini 23 October. This is new product launch play! However bear in mind that this is not a big product like iphone or ipad.

Hence I only play intraday. As this stock has been weak these few days, I do not want to hold position today.

Btw, if you like this stock, bear in mind that it has multiple supports at 620, 625 and 630. I predict, before its earnings next week, these supports should hold now. And there is a great chance that it can break 650 too! Cover your shorting positions if you have any on this stock!



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