Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Market Sentiment Indicator for 24 Oct

1) New York Stock Exchange Sentiment indicator: 68.68% (Bullish signal: Bull Alert 3 Jul)
(NYSE Exchange Stocks has turned bullish)

2) Nasdaq Sentiment indicator: 55.56% (Bullish signal: Bull Alert 5 Jul)
(Nasdaq Exchange Stocks has changed sentiment to bullish)

3) S&P 500 Sentiment indicator: 72.20% (Bullish signal: Bull Alert 18 Jun)
(S&P 500 stocks has changed sentiment to bullish)

4) Energy Sentiment indicator: 84.09%   (
Bearish signal: Bear Alert 23 Oct)
(S&P 500 Energy stocks has changed sentiment to bearish)

5) Financial Sentiment indicator: 77.78% (Bullish signal: Bull Alert 22 Aug)
(S&P 500 Financial stocks has changed sentiment to bullish)

6) Technology Sentiment indicator: 55.69% (Bearish signal: Bear Alert 4 Oct)

(S&P500 Technological stocks has turned bearish)
The figure in % indicates how many percent of stocks are bullish in the exchange or sector

A reading above 70 means Overbought condition. Pls note that entering position above 70 indicates Market Risk is high. You may want to play short term or lower your position size. If Bullish sign turns Bearish when reading is above 70 means you should liquidate positions. 

A reading below 30 means Oversold condition. Entering position below 30 indicates Market Risk is low. Consider entering when Bearish signal turns Bullish.

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