Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mitt Romney did really well and has a shot now at the election

Dear Friends,

If I were a US citizen, I would probably prefer Romney to win the election. One thing that I like about him is that he is a businessman. And businessman runs the country well as he knows how to manage money and the economy. Obama just did not know how to get the economy better.

Same in Thailand. Thaksin would have been a great leader if he were to run the country. I spoke to my thai friends in Bangkok and they agreed with me. Thaksin is a good leader who knows hoe to manage the economy.

After hearing the debate yesterday, i feel Romney seems to have at least a better business proposal for the public. As we all know, Obama is more anti business compared to Romney and pro taxing the SMEs. The public opinion on a Obama win actually goes down from 76% to 66% after the debate, what a great debate Romney had!

Hope that Romney wins.

That is probably better for the economy and stock market.



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